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Sai Bhajan Book

Please find the attached PDF that has the lyrics for of all the songs that are sung during regular temple bhajans both at Strathfield and Regents Park Sai Temple on  Sunday’s

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Sai Satya Vrat

This vratam is similar to Satyanarayan Vratam, we do ganesha pooja, navagraha, ashtadikh palaka pooja. Instead of satyanaryan ashtothram, abhishekam and stories we do Shirdi Sai Ashtotaram, Abhishekam and stories. Here is the expliantion how Sai Satya Vratam started.

One Bhimaji Patil of Narayanagaon, Taluka Junnar, Dist. Poona, suffered in the year 1909 A.D. from a severe and chronic chest-disease which ultimately developed into Tuberculosis. He tried all sorts of pathos (remedies), but to no effect.Losing all hopes, he ultimately prayed to God – “Oh Lord Narayana, help me now”. He was brought to Shirdi and taken to the Masjid, and placed before Baba. Mr. Nanasaheb and Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) were then present. Baba pointed out that the disease was due to the previous evil karma, and was not at first disposed to interfere. But the patient cried out in despair that he was helpless, and sought refuge in Him, as He was his last hope, and prayed for mercy. Then Baba’s heart melted an He said, “Stay, cast off your anxiety, your sufferings have come to an end.The Fakir here is very kind and He will cure the disease, and protect all with love and kindness.” The patient vomited blood every five minutes, but there was no vomiting in the presence of Baba. From the time, Baba uttered the words of hope and mercy, the malady took a favorable turn. Baba cured him in two dreams.

Usually many people forget the blessings they received and also forget how there problems got solved. But Bhimaji did not forget how Baba helped him. Baba also did not expect anything from his devotees, but just grateful remembrance, unchanging faith and devotion. People in the Maharashtra, always celebrate Satya-Narayana Puja in their homes every fortnight or month. But it was this Bhimaji Patil, who started a new Sai Satya-vrata Puja, instead of Satya-Narayana-vrata Puja, in his house, when he returned to his village.

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Sai Aarti Meaning

Arati is a form of congregational worship with music and lights, celebrated with particular elan in Maharashtra and especially in Shirdi. Those interested in the history of arati and its evolution in Shirdi are referred to Arati Sai Baba – the Psalm Book of Shirdi Aratis by Sri Sainathuni Sarath Babuji.

For many who come to Shirdi, attendance at arati is one of the highlights of their visit. It is perhaps during arati that we can most easily experience the essence of Shirdi and the power of Baba’s presence. Some people experience a heightened state and speak of a dissolution of the sense of separation, the erosion of the boundary between self and God. Others say that this is the time when Baba comes “alive” for them and answers their questions and prayers.

The effect of the group and its stirring emotion – of faith, longing and devotion – acts powerfully on the heart. The atmosphere becomes highly charged and there is a palpable sense of the numinous. When you know the meaning of the Aarti’s then the feeling is very strong. Feel free to download the aarti meaning.

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Bhajan Collection

Bhajans are devotional songs that typically praise God, recite an anecdote, or preach the teachings of saints. Another related word is kirtan, which typically refers to musical chanting of mantras mostly from the Vedas. Devotional songs in Sikhism are also called kirtans.

Bhajans have been influenced at various times by the teachings of saints such as Chaitanya, Haridas, Tulsidas, Soordas, Mira, and Kabir, whose songs are still sung today. They form a part of contemporary Hinduism.

The qawwalis (devotional songs sung by Sufi mystics) have also influenced the way bhajans are sung in some parts of the country.

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